Foto: Katarzyna Lason
04/06/2020 - 07/06/2020 Gdańsk, Poland

Globalization versus Man

Man is always striving to satisfy his fundamental needs, such as the feeling of security, clean water, clean air and healthy food, but also less tangible needs, such as belonging to a community and the realization of his dreams. It happens that in the world of "modern globalization", where everything seems to be readily available, people often feel lost in their search for happiness.

Globalization is interpreted in different ways, for example it can cause fear, but we want to focus on its positive aspects. Globalization has been around for millennia. Goods migrated on the Silk respectively Amber road centuries ago in all directions of the world. Today, this process is facilitated by new technologies.

A conflict-free cooperation between states is a major challenge today, and culture and art should play an important role here and raise people's awareness of many aspects. Intercultural communication promotes dialogue. Showing the beauty of different cultures evokes positive emotions and improves interpersonal relationships.

We can have a feeling of security and fulfillment through our own work and respect for other people, but also through respect for nature, without which we cannot function and which we easily destroy thoughtlessly. Easy access to knowledge thanks to new technologies and the exchange of ideas can lead to a better, harmonious life.

The aim of this year's Art Vertical Preview IX event is to show the role of humans in the global world.


Preview X
10/10/2018 - 13/10/2018 Gdansk, Poland

The Preview X Art Vertical was the first event announcing the initiative. In 2018, Lorenzo and Maria Elena Rudolf visited Gdańsk for several days. In the past eight years, the couple has successfully created Art Stage Singapore and Art Stage Jakarta - an art fair promoting contemporary art in the region of Southeast Asia. During a conference organized for collectors and art lovers in Gdansk, Lorenzo Rudolf gave a significant lecture entitled Art World Quo Vadis? Jadwiga Możdżer's dance performance and the release of white peace pigeons as a sign of dialogue highlighted the conference.