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The FACT organization works for the international exchange of art and culture. This is a non-profit, organization which was established in Vienna in 1999 thanks to the initiative to build cultural bridge-like connection between Poland and Austria. Back then the project was the „artdea” created by the group of people, among of which were two students Christian Kotz and Magdalena Jaetke. At the time they were studying the History and the Art History at the University of Vienna.

FACT has always supported young art historians with ambitious goals. For example thanks to the efforts of the organization,  the funds were collected for the restoration of baroque statues in Silesia in Poland. The exhibition of these statues was held in Austria. The project was supported by the president of the Polish Institute in Vienna, Jacek St. Buras, as well as by the head of culture department at the Home Office in Vienna,  the ambassador Emil Brix. The group that was involved in these activities, apart from the students of art history, was also formed by the young artists from Austria, Germany, Poland and Iran.

After Poland joined the European Union in 2004, it seemed that the strive for free art in Europe had already been achieved. The work of FACT has become less important. By 2014, each of us has already engaged in some other forms of art activities. Unfortunately, world events such as the Egypt Revolution, wars, raising borders and other political movements in Europe, which we accepted without the spark of critical thinking, have made it very clear that the existance of free art and exchange of thoughts is threatened. Therefore, our organization was awakened.

The overriding aim of the organization is creating the surface for the dialogue of peace and free art, independent of political and religious beliefs and open to intercultural discussion. The one, that instead of separating people connects them.

The authors of the ARTFORPEACE idea are two twin brothers and artists, who actively work in Austria and Germany: Joachim Lothar Gartner and Hansjürgen Gartner. Now, in 2017, the rebirth of the FACT organization has a long history. People from different age groups joined us in our mission possible. We are connected by the fact that we have been working in the art sector, in various parts of the world, for many years. The people who form FACT have very different origins and it is hard to talk about one nationality here.  We are just cosmopolitans and what matters for us the most is  human being-his right to experience the world and to build friendship between different cultures.

Therefore, I would like to say thank you to all who wish to „greate” with us this world without aggression, so that our children have a chance to learn the value and the beauty of life on our small planet called the earth.

Members of the Board
Magdalena  Wenta (Jaetke)

Magdalena Wenta (Jaetke)

President of the Board

(born in 1975 in Gdansk, Poland)

She got to known art from every side, having been living since 1981, among rich baroque and secessionist architecture, in Vienna in Austria. While studying art history at the University of Vienna, she was working actively in various art projects and over the past 25 years she has gained a great deal of experience in the subject. She passionately engages herself in artistic events and constantly improves her professional competencies. She truly believes in the religion of self-perfection. She is not afraid of new challenges! Especially she is excited about the matter of "art as an investment".

Privately she is a devoted mother who absolutely adores animals and treats them as family members. That is why a dog often accompanies her. The dog and the owner are very communicative!

Walerij Pryżkow

Walerij Pryżkow

First Vice President of the Board

(born in 1980 in Weimar, Germany)

He comes from Weimar, the cultural capital of Germany, but has lived in many countries and is a real citizen of the world. He is comprehensively educated as economist and business psychologist.

As a wealth broker, he constantly seeks new directions for the progression and walks his own business paths, such as alternative investments, including investing in art.

He has plenty of experience as a diplomat in the international relations. He loves travelling and is interested in the cuisines of different cultures. He is fascinated by the world of film, writes scripts himself and takes part in numerous film productions. He is the art connoisseur.

Olga Kharina

Olga Kharina

Second Vice President of the Board

(born 1988, Kaliningrad, Russia)

As an interior designer, she gets invitations to take part in various photoshoots. She is interested in coverage photography, and lately she uses this media to create the history in the form of photobooks.

She has a lot of experience in managing various projects, working at artistic happenings, and she successfully runs an international consulting company.

She is a good promoter and artistic personality in one. She loves art and everything that follows it. She believes that art connects people from all over the world.  She uses creativity and passion for art to run the Home Art Gallery. She loves travelling, cooking and dancing.


Honorary members
Joachim Lothar Gartner

Joachim Lothar Gartner

Bildrecht Wien (AT)
Hansjürgen Gartner

Hansjürgen Gartner

Künstlergilde Esslingen (DE)
Mariusz Sładczyk

Mariusz Sładczyk

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology Gdansk (PL)
Andrzej Stelmasiewicz

Andrzej Stelmasiewicz

Fundacja Wspólnota Gdańska (PL)


ART VERTICAL IAF Gdansk is the most prestigious art fair in Poland and the only one in Europe that combines the creations of both the East and the West.

Owing to its geographical location and traditions dating back to the amber route, Gdansk has always been a unique place, at the crossroads of different cultures. This rich history of the port city and the city of freedom has prompted us to invite collectors and art lovers to be here for the first such international fair.

Gdansk, surrounded by beautiful Baltic beaches, attracts crowds of Hanseatic architecture enthusiasts and the history of solidarity. In 2017, it was declared Europe's most attractive tourist destination, just behind Oporto and Milan. Along with Gdynia and Sopot, Tricity - a large agglomeration with more than 750,000 inhabitants – in which a number of new institutions related to art and culture have been created in recent years.

Gdansk is an ideal place for the fair of contemporary art in Poland: a city of open minds and freedom of art and thought. IAF Gdansk will focus on the recognized personalities and galleries around the world.

The galleries, which will be showcased at the fair, will come mainly from Austria, Switzerland, China, Germany, Italy, France, England, Sweden, Lithuania, Russia and countries along the Silk Road, especially from Iran, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan - and of course Poland.

The project's originator is Magdalena Wenta (Jaetke), born in Gdansk, raised in Austria – a graduate of art history at the University of Vienna. In 1999, she founded the FACT - Free Art and Culture Transfer in Vienna to support the international exchange of art and culture. Since then she has served as curator, organizer and creator of international exhibitions and projects related to contemporary art. In 2008 -2011 she ran the Central European Art Gallery in Vienna, Austria. Currently, the ARTONTOUR project deals with the trade of works of art and the organization of the international art fair in Gdansk.

The organizer of the fair is Art Vert company with the support of the FACT association - Free Art and Culture Transfer.


Austrian Days in Gdańsk 

The FACT organization promotes the international exchange of art and culture. It is a nonprofit organization established thanks to the initiative to build cultural bridges – such as the connection between Poland and Austria. The overriding aim of the organization is creation of a space for a dialogue of peace and free art and to build cultural bridges.
FACT organized the Austrian Days 2016, 2017 and 2018 in the Tri-city (Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia).
The Austrian Days gave an opportunity to the people of the Tri-city not only to get acquainted with Austrian artists and musicians and degustation Austrian cuisine, but also to establish a business dialogue.
In 2018 we decided to organize the Autumn of European Culture, because people in the Tri-city are interested in the culture of different European countries. This is why other countries will also take part in this event this year - with the support of their diplomatic missions and several business partners.
Another focus of the International Cultural Autumn in Gdansk will be the Silk Road. Countries outside Europe will also be invited to participate in the event with exhibitions, meetings, conferences and concerts. Each country will be individually represented within the framework of the event in a specially allocated week. During that week our partner restaurants will prepare special menu dishes of that country, so the people could be able to experience also the taste of the culture from different countries.
We invite you to take part in the International Cultural Autumn in Gdansk.

About the Days of Austria on the site www.dniaustrii.eu

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