The first, historic edition of ART VERTICAL - a mobile contemporary art fair that will take place in June 2020 in Gdansk. ART VERTICAL has two main aims:

1. Creating a new mobile form of international fairs, a wandering art village that will be hosted at various locations in the world; ART VERTICAL will aim to bring contemporary art from different regions of the global village closer together.

2. Emphasizing that art can be an element of dialogue on the international diplomatic scene, that it can help to share experiences and aid in finding new solutions to existing global problems.

The Polish city of Gdańsk proved to be the ideal birthplace of this large enterprise. Here you can feel a truly Polish soul, which in its Slavic depth is focused on the good of other people as well as the keeping of the common values of people open to the world.

We invited Polish Academies of Fine Arts to cooperate at the first edition of the ART VERTICAL fair. Artists dealing with the mediums of painting, sculpture, glass and ceramics as well as graphics, photography and new media are taking part in the competition under the title Globalization versus Man. The competition's coordinator is Rafał Warzecha. He is associated with the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in the name of Eugeniusz Geppert in Wroclaw. The main message of the competing works is intercultural dialogue referring to the Chinese initiative One Belt One Road. In this edition, we want to look at the issue of what role man plays in such a global initiative.

The jury, which consists of representatives of the cultural institutions from countries along the Silk Road will select 40 works. The names of all the members of the international jury will be known in February 2020. The creators of the three best works, which will be chosen by the public at the first edition of the fair, will receive an additional cash prize. We are planning to present the show of a wandering town of art in Dubai in October 2020 on the international arena, specifically during the world exhibition, where it will also be possible to promote Polish contemporary art and to establish contacts with new partners from the countries along the Silk Road.


Magdalena  Wenta

Magdalena Wenta


The initiator of the project is Magdalena Wenta, born in Gdańsk, grew up in Austria and graduated in art history from the University of Vienna. Since 1999 she has been a curator, organizer and creator of international exhibitions and projects related to contemporary art. In the years 2008 - 2011 she ran a gallery of Central European art in Vienna kunst#stücke. Currently she is organizing the international art fair in Gdańsk.


Special thanks to the artist Sergiusz Powałka for providing his paintings.


15/05/2020: To all artists many thanks for participating in the competition "Globalization versus Man" . We already have a list of artists who have won the competition. Unfortunately, due to the current situation in the world in connection with COVID-19, we are forced not only to change the date, but also the formula of the fair. Therefore, in the coming days, we will contact the artists on the list first to confirm that they agree to the changes. Only after talking to the artists we can publish the list on social media.


15/05/2020 - 30/06/2020: The original works will be delivered to the organizer's address.


The ART VERTICAL contemporary art fair in Gdansk will connect countries located on the historic Silk Road.

The Preview IX Art Vertical is planned in 2020 - it will be a fair where the works of artists currently living and working in Poland will be exhibited. The event's partner is Bruno Baumann from Austria, a historian, traveler and expert of the Silk Road as well as the creator of his own project Roads of Dialogue in the years 2010-13. Alongside the event there will be concerts and meetings with people of culture and art.


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